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Warner Bros shares Torrents!?

09.05.2006 18:15 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

The BitTorrent peer-to-peer system as for warez, right? Not according to Warner Bros. Entertainment Group, which signed a deal to start using BitTorrent this summer to distribute movies and television (...) read more>>
Playstation 3? for N time

08.05.2006 22:51 - Hardware, lechup, Comments |0

With the launch of its PlayStation 3 video game console six months away, Sony is gearing up for an all-out battle to put the electronics and entertainment conglomerate back on a growth path. (...) read more>>
Playstation 2 sales!

22.04.2006 00:47 - Hardware, lechup, Comments |0

Gamers waiting for Sony to drop the price on its PlayStation 2 (PS2) game console are in luck. On Thursday, Sony announced that it has slashed the console's price by $20, from $149 to $129. read more>>


Google exploring new search technique

10.04.2006 20:19 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

Google has launched a new search project with an Australian university student, designed to let people view more information per search result without having to click open every link.  (...) read more>>
Legally Downloadable Movies Come With Heavy Restrictions

04.04.2006 23:20 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

Two different coalitions of Hollywood movie studios are introducing legal movie downloads from the Web this month, but the ventures are already being met with stinging criticism for the high cost and  (...) read more>>


StarCraft: Ghost Put On Hold

27.03.2006 18:07 - Software, lechup, Comments |0

In development for more than four years already, Blizzard announced today that the launch of the third-person variation on its popular franchise, StarCraft: Ghost, will be delayed even further as the company is considering releasing the game on next-generation consoles. (...) read more>>


PlayStation 3 to ship region free!

23.03.2006 21:39 - Multimedia, YenLo, Comments |0

Well we'll be damned. Looks like after all the biz with the PlayStation 3 being delayed, Blu-ray possibly experiencing issues with managed copy, and a load of uncertainty about whether it'll even perform as well as Sony expects (and everyone hopes), Sony's announced PS3 consoles will launch region-free for
games.  (...) read more>>


FireFox2 Bon Echo Alpha 1

23.03.2006 21:23 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

Bon Echo Alpha 1 is the first of many developer milestones on the path to Firefox 2. This milestone is focused on testing the backend infrastructure supporting our new Places functionality. (...) read more>>
Critical flaw found in Sendmail

23.03.2006 21:14 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

A critical flaw has been found in Sendmail's popular open source SMTP server software which could give hackers full access to affected networks. It is highly recommended to do the upgrade with patch a (...) read more>>

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Vista delayed (for consumers) until early 2007

22.03.2006 17:27 - Windows, YenLo, Comments |0

Microsoft's troubled transition from XP to Vista has become something of a comedy of errors, with leaks, confusing hardware requirements, disappearing features, and habitual delays having plagued the next-gen OS since it was just a wee Longhorn.  (...) read more>>


First generation HD optical disc players won't allow copying

22.03.2006 17:19 - CD copying, ripping, YenLo, Comments |0

More bad news for consumers: PC World is reporting that the first generation of high definition optical disc players will not allow content to be copied or streamed to other discs or devices  (...) read more>>


Will your PC run Vista? Don't ask Microsoft.

20.03.2006 17:18 - Windows, YenLo, Comments |0

Microsoft is including a rating system, known as the Windows Performance Rating, in Windows Vista, which will enable PC buyers to see how well a particular model can handle the new operating system. The tool ranks your computer on an overall scale of 1-5, and ranks specific components as well. The tool is likely to benefit PC retailers, who will be able to use a relatively low score as a rationale for selling upgrades, but it could also leave some consumers bewildered by what may seem like mediocre scores for relatively high-end systems.  (...) read more>>


Critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player

18.03.2006 12:46 - Patches and Security Updates, YenLo, Comments |0

Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in Flash Player that could allow an attacker who successfully exploits these vulnerabilities to take control of the affected system. A malicious SWF must be loaded in Flash Player by the user for an attacker to exploit these vulnerabilities. Users are recommended to update to the most current version of Flash Player available for their platform.
 (...) read more>>

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Sony Pushes Release Of PlayStation 3 From This Spring To November

15.03.2006 18:14 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

With rumors of an impending delay swirling for weeks, Sony confirmed Wednesday that it will push the release of the PlayStation 3 back to November. read more> read more>>


Word processor from Google?

11.03.2006 23:20 - Office packages, KamyQ, Comments |0

Google has agreed to acquire Upstartle, an early stage start-up which has developed a word processor accessible through a web browser.  (...) read more>>

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