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Mass storage from Google?

08.03.2006 17:44 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

The 900-pound gorilla in the search space is apparently developing a service that will allow users to store every scrap of data from their computers' hard drives on Google's servers. read more>> read more>>
Microsoft Revs Up New Search Engine

08.03.2006 16:11 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

Microsoft said it will soon offer a search engine that is better, faster and more curious than previous versions. The beta version debuts at Microsoft's www.live.com . read more>> read more>>


Intel unveils faster, more efficient chip

08.03.2006 15:59 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

SAN FRANCISCO -€” Intel Corp. said Tuesday that it would introduce powerful new processors for desktop, laptop and server computers this year, as the world's largest computer chip maker trie (...) read more>>


Microsoft portable gadget comes to light

28.02.2006 16:54 - Hardware, lechup, Comments |0

Microsoft has reportedly designed a new portable consumer gadget that will offer entertainment -- video, games and music -- in addition to basic Windows-based functions like e-mail, Web surfing and wo (...) read more>>


Google Pages offline?!

25.02.2006 23:34 - lechup, Comments |0

Google temporarily suspends signing up new accounts for its Web site hosting service due to heavy demand. (...) read more>>
Google denied that China site is unlicensed

21.02.2006 14:18 - Internet and Networking, lechup, Comments |0

Google has denied accusations that its new Chinese-language search engine is operating without a licence.

It follows a report in the Beijing News that Google did not have the correct paperwork for its China site. (...) read more>>
First Apple virus

19.02.2006 12:01 - Software, mikej, Comments |0

Users of Apple's Mac OS X are being warned about the first Apple virus. The worm, called Leap-A, was discovered by British antivirus company Sophos. Leap-A spreads via iChat instant messaging system. (...) read more>>

@Guardian Unlimited

New secure Internet Explorer 7?

16.02.2006 18:38 - Software, mikej, Comments |1

In a speech to the RSA Conference, Bill Gates announced that Microsoft is to introduce new security enhancements to its browser. Gates said that password systems aren't secure. Microsoft's solution is (...) read more>>

@PC Pro

Microsoft Office 2007

16.02.2006 18:16 - Software, mikej, Comments |0

Microsoft has announced that Office 2007 - formerly Office 12 - will be out by the end of this year. Office 2007 will be available in several editions. Microsoft has announced also prices of the new O (...) read more>>

@The Register

fuel cells

25.10.2005 15:53 - Hardware, YenLo, Comments |0

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Canon Inc. (7751.T: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Tuesday it has developed tiny fuel cells that it hopes will start replacing conventional batteries to power some of its digital cameras and printers in three years. (...) read more>>


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