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Nvidia now offers notebook drivers on its page

19.12.2008 23:03 - Curiosity, HiL, Comments |0

This is a good day for all notebook gamers with an Nvidia GPU inside. As of today you can go to Nvidia.com and download the latest beta drivers that will enable CUDA and PhysX and hopefully add some game fixes as well. (...) read more>>


ATI working on RV740

19.12.2008 23:02 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

The main limitation of RV735 was the 128-bit wide bus, but ATI has been working on a new version of the chip, simply codenamed RV740 that will end up with a 256-bit bus. (...) read more>>


OCZ trails Corsair with DDR3 at 2,000MHz

19.12.2008 22:58 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

Following the latest preview of Corsair's Dominator GT 6GB triple-kit, guys at OCZ decided not to wait for CES to announce the new Blade series, including the OCZ Blade DDR3-2000 6GB triple channel kit. (...) read more>>


Employers Hate WoW Players

18.12.2008 22:56 - Curiosity, HiL, Comments |0

It does not matter how proud you are of your 19th level Death Knight, under no circumstances stick WoW as an interest on your CV. (...) read more>>


New Intel’s quad core to launch on Sunday

29.11.2008 22:50 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

Intel is happily enjoying the successful launch of Nehalem CPUs and after November 17th, the launch day of this CPU, it doesn’t really plan to launch many new quad-cores with the exception of Q8300. (...) read more>>


Radeon HD4830 drops under €100

29.11.2008 22:49 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

The lovechild of ATI engineers and AMD accountants, dubbed Radeon HD4830, has finally dropped under the €100 mark and started to make sense. (...) read more>>


Online networking sites boom in bust period

27.11.2008 21:48 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Professional social notworking sites are experiencing a surge of traffic as people try to get more business during difficult times. (...) read more>>


Yahoo, Microsoft make gains in search

27.11.2008 21:47 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Once written off in favour of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft outperformed the US search industry's seven percent increase in search results for the month of October, according to a ComScore report. (...) read more>>


HP announces two Atom desktops in Taiwan

26.11.2008 15:15 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

Although we've already seen Atom based desktop systems, most of them so far have been from Taiwanese brands such as Asus and MSI, but now it seems like HP has jumped on the nettop bandwagon with two new Compaq mini-Q models. (...) read more>>


1.5TB Barracuda to get a fix

26.11.2008 15:13 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

As we told you about previously, Seagate seems to have had some issues with the 1.5TB Barracuda 7200.11 series hard drive that has caused some uncharacteristic behavior when used in Macs or with the Linux OS in multi-drive configurations. Seagate has been able to isolate the issue and will be making an updated firmware available to users who are having these issues. (...) read more>>


Yahoo sells Kelkoo

24.11.2008 22:06 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Yahoo has flogged its shopping service Kelkoo to a British investment firm. Founder and former chief executive Pierre Chappaz posted on his blog at wikio.fr, a memo to Kelkoo employees from a Yahoo Europe executive, Glen Drury, announcing the sale of Kelkoo to British private equity firm Jamplant. Drury said that Yahoo thinks that Kelkoo will do better as a standalone company if it has Jamplant backing. (...) read more>>


US Defence Department bans flash drives

24.11.2008 22:04 - Curiosity, HiL, Comments |0

The US Defence Department has banned the use of external computer flash drives in the Pentagon because of a virus threat that officials detected on defines networks. (...) read more>>


Samsung goes for 256GB SSDs

21.11.2008 21:23 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

Samsung has announced that it has begun a mass production of 256GB SSDs for notebooks and desktop PCs. These new drives will compliment Samsung's offer of SSDs which ranges from 8, 16 and 32GB for low-density designs and 64, 128 and now 256GB alternatives for the higher densities. (...) read more>>


Half Life celebrated its 10th birthday

21.11.2008 21:20 - Curiosity, HiL, Comments |0

Many of you remember Half Life and its main protagonist Gordon Freeman. Well, Gordon Freeman yesterday celebrated 10 years of its existence and Valve has a treat for all the fans of this game. (...) read more>>


Online sales growth slows

19.11.2008 19:54 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Online spending for October grew at the slowest pace since at least 2001. According to comScore online spending increased just a percent last month from the year-ago period. This marks the slowest sales pace for any month since the Chicago-based company began tracking the data seven years ago. (...) read more>>


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