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Blender / Yafray

Downloaded 25113 times, GPL

Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. Available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. (...) read more>>

3D Canvas

Downloaded 7136 times, Freeware

3D Canvas is a real-time 3D modeling and animation tool that incorporates an intuitive drag-and-drop approach to 3D modeling. (...) read more>>

CadStd Lite

Downloaded 5323 times, freeware

CadStd is a general purpose, easy to learn CAD/drafting program for creating professional quality mechanical designs, house plans, blueprints, schematics and charts utilizing ANSI drawing standards. The Lite version is free and can read any drawing created by the Pro version. CadStd Lite can export files as DXF so you can share your drawings to your friends with other CAD programs like Autocad. The Pro version can create isometric projections from orthographic views, and has powerful commands like offset, trim, fillet and chamfer. Export drawings in formats like DXF, SVG, HPGL/1 or use copy clipboard to paste images into Office and other applications. Import DXF, HPGL/1 and Gedcom files. (...) read more>>

Misfit Model 3D

Downloaded 3593 times, Freeware

Misfit Model 3D is an OpenGL-based 3D model editor that works with triangle-based models. It supports multi-level undo, skeletal animations, simple texturing, scripting, command-line batch processing, and a plugin system for adding new model and image filters. (...) read more>>

Google SketchUp

Downloaded 2818 times, Freeware

Google SketchUp is a 3D modeling software tool that’s easy to learn, simple to use, and lets you place your models in Google Earth. Are you remodeling a kitchen, landscaping your back yard or adding a (...) read more>>

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