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FileZilla Server

Downloaded 13518 times, Freeware

FileZilla Server is a small, fast, reliable and free FTP server. It is easy to use for begginers and at the same time it is cofigurable - so geeks have possibility to do what they like to. (...) read more>>

GuildFTPd Daemon

Downloaded 4534 times, Freeware

This FTP server features plug-in and network support. It has the ability to set each login to a different port and provide log statistics. You can review graphs of past connections and control the speed of your uploads and downloads. (...) read more>>


Downloaded 4280 times, Trial / 30 days

Serv-U is a industry's most popular file transfer server! Serv-U 6.2 adds support for Windows User NT-SAM/Active Directory that makes administering large servers easier and more efficient. (...) read more>>


Downloaded 2765 times, Trial

RaidenFTPD is an easy-to-use ftp server software for Windows™. With this handy tool you can share your files with friends, provide file download services to customers or even setup your own private network file server. Not (...) read more>>

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