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Mortal Kombat 2

Downloaded 38471 times, freeware

It is the second part of world famous fighting game. It was released in 1993 after year of making. As previous game from Mortal Combat series it made enourmous success - a lot of blood, gore and violence. (...) read more>>

Mind Arms

Downloaded 6272 times, Freeware

This is an excellent Japanese fighting game with excellent graphics and smooth gameplay. Features a story mode or a battle mode. Unfortunately it is written in Japanese but do not let this put you off as (...) read more>>

Little Fighter

Downloaded 4723 times, Freeware

Little Fighter 2 (LF2) is a popular freeware fighting game for Windows. Its popularity has been substantial thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay, its great replay ability and free at the point of use availability. (...) read more>>

The Forge

Downloaded 2877 times, Freeware

The Forge is a 3d gladiator fight game. Basically the point of the game is to manage your gladiator from crummy division three to the final point of winning the famed division one.
 (...) read more>>

Rumble Box

Downloaded 1706 times, Freeware

Rumble Box is a fast paced 3D action beat-em-up with a unique premise:
all of the characters are made of simple objects which stay around
in the level even after the character is defeated.
 (...) read more>>

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