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The Incredible Machine

Downloaded 25928 times, freeware

The Incredible Machine is a logic game in which player have to build proper machine to achive a goal. You have candle, rope, bucket torch or more sophisticated stuff. It gives you more than 100 levels to face up with, what is more there is a build-in level editor, so you can make your own levels and then exchange with your friends. (...) read more>>

Worms Armageddon

Downloaded 7875 times, Demo

Take part in the last battle between good and evil -- Judgment Day. But these sneaky, little blighters with bad attitudes couldn't care less about any day, let alone Judgment Day. Worms Armageddon is packed with (...) read more>>

Intelligent ball

Downloaded 3732 times, Freeware

Intelligent ball is very absorbing logical game, its paper version has a wide audience of fans among students having fit of boredom ;-) The rules are very easy to understand, nevertheless there is a lot of different variants of the game. The main goal of the game is to score a goal on a conventional field by leading in optimal way the „ball” and predict opponents moves. (...) read more>>

Bridge It

Downloaded 3322 times, Demo

A stunning, beautiful world awaits as you design and build bridges. Can you solve the puzzles and avert disaster? Set in the picturesque surroundings of sparse deserts and dense forests it is your task to design (...) read more>>

Bod Blob

Downloaded 2809 times, Freeware

Very logical " appealing " play. Game remember usual sometimes platform game, we move in her known stworkiem as it is approximated for logic game Blob. Similar chats - it type puzzle samegu. However, (...) read more>>

Arctic Quest

Downloaded 2268 times, Freeware

With a wave of his icy fingers, the Snow King unleashed a bitter frost on the tropical islands across Earth. Palm trees iced over, fish were frozen solid in the seas and birds could no longer take flight.
 (...) read more>>


Downloaded 2134 times, Freeware

Pingus has started at the end of 1998 with the simple goal to create a Free (as in freedom, not as in free beer) Lemmingstm clone.
 (...) read more>>

Sudoku Toon

Downloaded 2036 times, Freeware

Besides of have to fill the grids with numbers of 1 to 9, you will be able to change and choose to play with colors or geometric figures. The game counts with 3 original music that you will be able to turn on or off whenever you wish.
 (...) read more>>


Downloaded 1991 times, Freeware

PacWriter is an educational game ideal for kids and the whole family.
 (...) read more>>


Downloaded 1954 times, Freeware

Nimuh is a game under Creative Commons license and ambiented in Andalusia.
 (...) read more>>

Flipside of the divine

Downloaded 1880 times, Freeware

Flipside of the divine is a unique action game set in the world of the ancient Aztec mythology. You play the role of an eagle warrior and your goal is to find a way through the dangerous and deceptive world of the gods.
 (...) read more>>


Downloaded 1847 times, Freeware

Linx is an unique logical game. You are presented with an operating field divided into 168 tiles - fourteen squares in a row and twelve per column!
 (...) read more>>


Downloaded 1776 times, Freeware

Kabodle is an original, cute, addictive puzzle game in which you must use your powers of perception to find the required clumps of blocks. Collect stars to advance through the levels, or see how many points you can gain in one of seven varied game modes. It will leave you, and anyone around you, screaming at the screen!
 (...) read more>>

Biniax 2

Downloaded 1716 times, Freeware

Biniax-2 is original and entertaining game. Takes a minute to learn and gives you hours and hours of gameplay. Discover the different Biniax-2 faces - for action heroes or careful strategists. Go to download section and get this amazing game absolutely free for Windows, Linux, MorphOS and Sony PSP.
 (...) read more>>

Vegetable Soup Tactics

Downloaded 1711 times, Freeware

Veg Soup Tactics was made as part of the legendary 'Dundee Jam', a day long event for game design enthusiasts, professionals and hobbyists to make a small game whilst being guided by a driving theme.
 (...) read more>>


Downloaded 1692 times, Freeware

The goal of the game is to complete all the rooms successfully. The only way you can complete a room is to have 0 or positive points when you have tilted over all the red/green boxes.
 (...) read more>>


Downloaded 1643 times, Demo

Pipe down is a 3D game, you need to build a pipeline that allow the successful passage of the ball from top to the box at the bottom, through the pipeline.
 (...) read more>>


Downloaded 1402 times, Trial

The main point is simple electric circuit is out of order, and you must assemble it. Make it faster, and you'll get a good Time Bonus.
Make it better, and it will increase your Rotation Bonus. Many points are good, and few are not bad, too!
 (...) read more>>

Zep's Dreamland

Downloaded 1345 times, Freeware

Meet Zep! You control Zep throughout the game. The game consists of navigating Zep throughout a level to reach a certain location which allows him to advance to the next level. This is not such an easy task, however. Many obstacles will be in your path, and it is up to you to determine the best (and sometimes only way) to get around them.
 (...) read more>>

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