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Zak McKracken: Between Time and Space

Downloaded 5340 times, Freeware

"Zak McKracken: between time and space" is an unofficial sequel to the adventure game "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders" released in 1988. We, the "Artificial Hair Bros." have devoted our time to create a worthy follow up to this all-time-classic. Capturing the mood and of the original game and creating something new nonetheless.
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Ghosts 'n' Goblins

Downloaded 3731 times, Freeware

Halloween Animated Screensaver with 3 scenes. Ghosts roam outside a haunted house, Gargoyles bid you a Happy Halloween, monsters jump and scream in a cornfield.
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Real Bowling

Downloaded 3709 times, Freeware

A real life 10 pin bowling simulation.
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Downloaded 3647 times, Freeware

Drive your hovering starships to victory racing in six tracks. Powerups, weapons, turbo speed, AI controlled opponents, eight vehicles to choose from, and great fun!
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StudioLine Photo Basic

Downloaded 3248 times, Freeware

StudioLine Photo Basic is user friendly, powerful and versatile solution for any photo enthusiast. Organize your digital images in albums and folders. Windows, IPTC, Exif and any number of user tags can be edited and are fully searchable.
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EF Commander

Downloaded 2039 times, Trial

EF Commander is a complex and multi-featured file manager that a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals, will find easy to use. It is the result of many requests received by the author.
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Process Lasso

Downloaded 1680 times, Freeware

Process Lasso is a unique new technology intended to automatically adjust the allocation of CPU cycles so that system responsiveness is improved during high-loads.
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