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Face Of Mankind

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(Face Of Mankind )
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Requirements: Windows 98/XP/Vista

Name: FOM_Client_v1.5.2.0.exe

Publisher: Face Of Mankind

License: Freeware

Size: 1.22 GB

Date: 28.01.2010 22:33

Rating: 3.92 (12 votes)

Downloads: 4323


There is game type Face of Mankind Science Fiction MMORPG, by firm built on Duplex Systems. She is placed in third phase presently beta of test. Several days ago has appeared on main part from game with enclosed for they amount of report screens big < dispute > describing impression FoM. Reports and screens have been executed by testerów. Reports include (reach; make) positive estimate of start of test very. It looks beyond problems with stability for encounter of (start of) beta on it just, that it has been gotten around (has been celebrated) without greatest problems, but firm works day DPS and night over next corrections. It issues , that it is proper to be acquainted (to be familiarized) with this bold project of german programer enough.

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