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Half-Life Counter Strike

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(Half-Life: Counter Strike v 1.6 NON STEAM )
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Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Name: cs16full_v7.exe

Publisher: Valve

License: freeware

Size: 379.43 MB

Date: 31.12.2011 16:25

Rating: 3.85 (5892 votes)

Downloads: 2765089


First released to the public on June 18th, 1999, Counter-Strike started out as just another fan-produced mod for Half-Life. But thanks to a series of steadily improving beta releases, the mod started to grow a very strong and dedicated following. As the team-oriented, tactical gameplay was refined and improved and new concepts and maps were introduced, Counter-Strike became less and less of a mere Half-Life mod and transformed into a whole new game.

Today, Counter-Strike by far the most popular online action game, with tens of thousands of users playing at any given time. While sold separately in retail stores, Counter-Strike is still available as a free download for existing owners of Half-Life. In Counter-Strike, players square off on one of two teams: Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. Each team has specific objectives for each map, such as rescuing hostages, bombing a target, or escaping a certain area. Players earn money with which they buy weapons, equipment, and ammunition based on how they perform. With realistic locations, weapons, and physics, Counter-Strike is about as close as you?ll ever get to saving the world. Or destroying it.

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