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Tibia Loader (IP Changer)

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(Tibia Multi IP Changer 7.1 - 8.71 )
All versions: *

* - The flags placed near file name indicate it's language version.

Requirements: Windows 98/2000/2003/XP + TIbia

Name: otloader.zip

Publisher: Asprate

License: Freeware

Size: 0.2 MB

Date: 15.08.2010 15:05

Rating: 3.37 (5030 votes)

Downloads: 6562738


Ip Changer is utility for Tibia, which enables changing IP to your favourite Open Tibia Server.

Usage is quite simple, you have to fallow few steps:

1.Start Tibia.
2.Start the ip changer.
3.Open Options.
4.Select the version of tibia you are using.
5.Select what port you use and the language you want.
6.Press OK and then Save.
7.Change ip to the one you want and Press Change IP.
8.If everything is fine the ip changer says "IP Changed! (version)"
9.Now in tibia you press "Options" then "Network Settings" and then UNcheck(remove) "Test Server Login"
10.Now its only to login on Tibia.

How to check the file is safe - is not a Key Logger?
The best way is to check it by yourself, each time you download any Tibia related software form insecure source.

My recommendation is to just visit pages below to check files or archives you downloaded. Those services use about 15 different Antivirus scanners so possibility of finding infection is greater than on your PC.
http://www.virustotal.com/ - probably in your native language
http://virusscan.jotti.org/ - english only

All you need to do is to upload suspicous file (eg. this one downloaded from this site) and fallow the instructions on the screen.

Infection will be indicated like on images below:

Clean file will be shown like this:

What to do if I possibly have a key logger?
  1. Download Malcious Software Removal Tool
  2. Download SpyBOT
  3. Install SpyBot, follow the instructions and run full system scan (make a backup of you registry if prompted)
  4. Run Malcious Software Removal Tool and run full system scan
  5. Install Antivirus software if you do not have any:

  6. AVG, free for home use
    Kaspersky, comercial / trial 30 days

Download IP changer for your Tibia version (see list of all possible versions)

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 Mebistofeles # 26.07.2009 19:34
~israel  xD

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 OT-CHANGER.COM # 19.07.2009 21:22
~Krzycho  OT-CHANGER.COM Is offlicial Asprate page from where you can download Ip Changer

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  # 16.07.2009 15:07
~Krvavy  If you have problem with updating your changer you shoul download updated version.
Here is link for updated version:http://www.speedyshare.com/193530992.html

you should scan it for your sure.

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  # 15.05.2009 12:07
~Sir Bazter  How i dowland ipchanger?

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 jhonatan1 # 14.05.2009 16:48
~jhonatan junior  entra

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 moha # 09.05.2009 16:50
~moha  Love tibia

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  # 08.02.2009 11:19
~shahd honey  I try to play tibia ip changer but I donot know what I do to play it if any one know what I do please tell me

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 Maybe this is why # 01.01.2009 02:45
~Jeff  When you guys download the Tibia IP Changer, what server you want, you need to find out if it needs like an 8.40 thing or whatever. I forget what it is called. You might know what I am saying. When you do, go to otchanger.net and hit "You can find most Tibia clients here!" Then hit windows or the other one. Then scroll down and choose the one you want.

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  # 24.12.2008 02:42
~Matt  downloaded thhe client and installed it yet when i run it it wont show up it says its there but i cant see it... what do i do

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  # 08.12.2008 23:13
~Bibi  help me "run-time error"53": file not found..

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