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Athlon X2 7550 2.5GHz still not available

| 23.01.2009 22:20 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

Newegg today sells the Athlon X2 7750 clocked at 2.7GHz for $78.00 and we tried to find Athlon X2 7550 available anywhere in European or USA shops and we failed to do it.

The Athlon X2 7550 at 2.5GHz clock is listed at Google and it sells for $85 or more, a few dollars more than its 200MHz faster brother. If you are desperate you can get one here.

AMD last year’s Quad cores Phenom 9600 based on Agena 65nm core and 2.3GHz core clock is now selling for $109.99 here while there are two Three cores selling under $100 price level, listed here.

All in all, the Athlon X2 7550 at 2.5GHz dual core is still not listed as there is a strong feeling that shops would have a hard time to sell it at current pricing.


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