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China shuts down 1,250 websites

| 23.01.2009 22:19 - Curiosity, HiL, Comments |0

Chinese authorities have closed 1,250 websites as part of the county's latest month-long crackdown on online filth. The latest campaign against porn and vulgar content was announced on January 5, and Liu Zhengrong, deputy director of the Cabinet’s Internet Affairs Bureau, claims authorities have arrested 41 people so far.

However, the Buerau faces an uphill struggle, as China's online population is booming, and regulators are having a tough time keeping up. “Our biggest challenge is that the Internet is still growing. We are facing a long-term, complex and huge task,” Liu told reporters. “We still have a lot of work to do.”

Earlier this month, Chinese authorities warned the county's most popular sites, Google, Baidu, Sina and Sohu, that they should do more to block pornographic content from being widely available to internet users.

Apart from cracking down on porn, Chinese authorities also dislike sites dealing with certain issues starting with "T", such as Taiwan, Tibet and Tienanmen.


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