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Hackers warn about Zombie attack in Texas

| 30.01.2009 22:31 - Curiosity, HiL, Comments |0

Hackers have been warning the citizens of Texas about how the place is full of zombies desperate for brains as snack food. Hackers took control of the network which controlled electronic roadsigns and used them to warn of Zombie apocalypse.

The signs, which were in place to alert drivers to a detour, instead contained messages like "Caution! Zombies Ahead" and "Nazi Zombies! Run!!!" Trust us there is nothing worse than Zombies with a far right agenda, well other than those who buy Apple products and insist that they are superior.

Traffic officials said the the units were hacked by a local computer expert who broke into the access panels, changed the passwords and then were rerouted the systems to display five different zombie messages. The sign manufacturing company had to be brought in to override the hacker's work.


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