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Nvidia has two entry, mainstream 40nm

| 27.01.2009 22:39 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

It looks like Nvidia plans another rebrand, and we already wrote that the company plans to rename some of its older products to GT100, GT120 and GT130, at least in the OEM market. Some of these chips might be renamed again, at least internally. GT100 is 40nm entry level chip and it might get the final GT210 brand name.

The second 40nm chip is GT120 and this one might hit the etail / retail as GT 220 branded card. The last on the list is GT130 and this is a remaining 55nm legacy chip and it should end up branded as the GT225 branded card.

With this in mind, brands up to GTX260 remain reserved for the performance market, while the GTX285 and GTX295 will stay the one for enthusiast market. The GT prefix will be used for cards positioned under the GTX260.

We just hope that Nvidia will finally make up its mind.


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