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Sapphire churns out GDDR4 flavored HD4670

| 15.01.2009 22:12 - Hardware, HiL, Comments |0

Sapphire has launched a GDDR4 equipped version of ATI's HD4670, and it also has a quiet non-reference cooler.

The reference HD4670 ships with GDDR3 memory clocked at 1000MHz on a 128-bit bus, but Sapphire's GDDR4 memory runs at 2200MHz. The GPU is still reference clocked, at 750MHz.

Sapphire also opted for a non-reference cooler, which is supposed to have a noise level of under 20dBA. The card is listed with several European retailers with prices starting at €72.

Although the HD4670 is far from being the fastest card around, its low power consumption and the fact it doesn't need external power make it an interesting upgrade option for casual gamers.

You can get one here.


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