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YouTube allows users to delete comments

| 27.01.2009 22:24 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

YouTube has released a new feature that designed to help those who post late at night after drinking too much. The comment regret feature allows punters to delete their own comments from the thread which accompanies videos on YouTube. YouTube said in a statement: "Whether you misspelled "pwned," back in the day when you were just a n00b to the internets, or you simply said something you wish you could take back -- now you can remove your commentary at any time.”

The site said it would encourage everyone to think things through before posting comments anywhere on the site. But if you don't get it right the first time, now you can simply delete your comment.

If you want to remove a comment, a user goes to the "Text Comments" section below a video and clicks on the "Remove" button.


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