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Internet economy could shrink in 2009

23.12.2008 23:00 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has warned that the Internet economy could shrink as part of the worldwide downturn. In a report it also forecasts contraction of the semiconductor industry and cutbacks by corporate customers. (...) read more>>


Blu-ray breaking through

23.12.2008 22:58 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

It is starting to look like Blu-ray players and Blu-ray content is actually starting to sell. After winning the high definition disk war with HD DVD Blu-ray has not actually gained enough traction in the market this year. (...) read more>>


Windows XP extended yet again

22.12.2008 23:19 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Microsoft has issued yet again another reprieve for Windows XP. Instead of ending availability of Windows XP on January 31st as originally planned, the company has bowed to pressure, now making May 30th 2009 the last date the OEM partners will be able to purchase Windows XP. (...) read more>>


Yahoo, Microsoft make gains in search

27.11.2008 21:47 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Once written off in favour of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft outperformed the US search industry's seven percent increase in search results for the month of October, according to a ComScore report. (...) read more>>


Yahoo sells Kelkoo

24.11.2008 22:06 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Yahoo has flogged its shopping service Kelkoo to a British investment firm. Founder and former chief executive Pierre Chappaz posted on his blog at wikio.fr, a memo to Kelkoo employees from a Yahoo Europe executive, Glen Drury, announcing the sale of Kelkoo to British private equity firm Jamplant. Drury said that Yahoo thinks that Kelkoo will do better as a standalone company if it has Jamplant backing. (...) read more>>


Online sales growth slows

19.11.2008 19:54 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Online spending for October grew at the slowest pace since at least 2001. According to comScore online spending increased just a percent last month from the year-ago period. This marks the slowest sales pace for any month since the Chicago-based company began tracking the data seven years ago. (...) read more>>


Google settles copyright dispute

29.10.2008 23:55 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Google has buried the hatchet with book publishers and authors and announced plans to pay US$125 million to settle a copyright lawsuit over its plan to scan millions of books. (...) read more>>


GPU market still going strong

28.10.2008 16:19 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

According to Jon Peddie research, Q3 GPU sales are defying the economic slowdown and showing healthy growth. In Q3 manufacturers shipped 111 million GPUs, an 18 percent increase compared to Q3 2007. This constitutes the largest increase in shipments in six years. (...) read more>>


Netflix and Samsung form Alliance

28.10.2008 16:06 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Netflix Inc., the online DVD rental company, announced that some of Samsung Electronics Blu-ray DVD devices can now play video streamed over the Web from Netflix. This is news because the DVDs are being streamed over the Web, rather than through the usual Netflix DVD through the U.S. mail delivery method. (...) read more>>


Chinese in uproar over Microsoft anti-piracy tool

25.10.2008 20:36 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Microsoft has launched a new anti-piracy tool that requires Chinese computer users to ensure their software is Microsoft genuine. The "Windows Genuine Advantage" program turns computer users’ screens black if the installed software fails a Microsoft pre-installed validation test.  (...) read more>>


Big software will be killed by global slowdown

20.10.2008 21:59 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Salespush CEO Mark Donkin has looked into his crystal ball and predicted that the global economic slowdown will mean the end of complex and expensive corporate software. (...) read more>>


Google unveils $4.4 trillion energy plan

02.10.2008 18:28 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

A non-profit organisation run by Google has unveiled a $4.4 trillion plan to cut the use of fossil fuels by 2030. (...) read more>>


Financial crisis will hit IT in 2009

30.09.2008 18:55 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

We spent some time talking to some senior people in the IT industry and we all came to the conclusion that the IT market will suffer from the current financial crisis. We will really start to feel it in 2009, but many might not hit their Q4 targets, as people will simply be much more cautious when spending their money. (...) read more>>


Chrome ignored by big business

30.09.2008 18:50 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

Few IT teams are bothering to test Google's Web browser Chrome. Silicon.com's latest exclusive CIO Jury poll showed that business users were spurning the browser as if it were a rabid dog. About 10 out of 12 users say they are not even testing the software. (...) read more>>


AMD didn't sell fab to TSMC

29.09.2008 18:02 - Business, Statistics, HiL, Comments |0

We just managed to confirm from our industry sources that a report by China Knowledge, here, that TSMC has already signed a foundry contract with the struggling chipmaker to make CPUs is not accurate. (...) read more>>


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