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Smart email finds the user

30.01.2009 22:29 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Boffins at Stanford University have developed an email system that figures out who messages are intended for and find them. You might not know the correct address of the person you want to send the email, but the technology can scour data bases and the Internet to track down intended email recipients. (...) read more>>


YouTube allows users to delete comments

27.01.2009 22:24 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

YouTube has released a new feature that designed to help those who post late at night after drinking too much. The comment regret feature allows punters to delete their own comments from the thread which accompanies videos on YouTube. YouTube said in a statement: "Whether you misspelled "pwned," back in the day when you were just a n00b to the internets, or you simply said something you wish you could take back -- now you can remove your commentary at any time.” (...) read more>>


YouTube nukes Israeli air strike videos

31.12.2008 19:45 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

IDF footage of its forces making strikes in Gaza have been pulled from YouTube. The video grab released by the Israeli Defence Force and broadcast on Sky News shows an Israeli warplane targeting a truck on December 30, 2008 at an unknown location in the Gaza strip. (...) read more>>


Online networking sites boom in bust period

27.11.2008 21:48 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Professional social notworking sites are experiencing a surge of traffic as people try to get more business during difficult times. (...) read more>>


Wikipedia controlled by politicians again

01.09.2008 22:24 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Further proof that the so called peoples encyclopaedia is under the control of politicians has come to light in the case of John McCains running mate Sarah Palin. (...) read more>>


Google thinks about letting users fiddle

28.08.2008 20:25 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Google is testing software that allows users to fiddle around with query results by re-ranking them and writing comments. (...) read more>>


Estonia takes care of Georgia's important sites

27.08.2008 21:59 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Estonia is hosting the Web sites of Georgia's central bank and Foreign Ministry to try to protect them from cyber attacks. (...) read more>>


Itunes liberated in China

26.08.2008 16:52 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Chinese mandarins have allowed Apple's glorious iTunes to continue to function behind the bamboo curtain, but access to the free Tibet album that sparked the ruckus is blocked. (...) read more>>


Microsoft's photo site crashes

22.08.2008 16:34 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Microsoft's digital photo sharing site went belly up on its first day as its servers collapsed under the weight of the traffic. (...) read more>>


Pirate Bay banned in Italy

21.08.2008 13:33 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

An Italian judge has ordered the country's Internet service providers to block access to The Pirate Bay, a Swedish file-sharing Web site. (...) read more>>


Kids less interested in illegal downloads

14.08.2008 15:26 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Kids of today are slowly losing interest in illegal music downloads, according to analyst outfit NPD Group. In a report, with the catchy title, Kids & Digital Content, NPD revealed 70 per cent of those aged been nine and 14 are downloading digital music in an average month. (...) read more>>


Internet will create software revolution

13.08.2008 10:23 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

In a statement which could have been made a decade ago, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said that the dramatic growth of the Internet would eventually spark a software-writing revolution. (...) read more>>


Google fixes contacts system

12.08.2008 14:06 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Search engine outfit Google said that it has fixed a problem with its contacts system that caused many users of its Gmail service to have trouble accessing their online e-mail. (...) read more>>


Google expands search appliance

06.08.2008 11:44 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Google has improved its Search Appliance, which is a gizmo that allows the customised server that lets people search their companies' documents. Based on Dell server hardware and Google software, the Google Search Appliance can now search 10 million documents in a company network. This is an improvement from three million offered by the old gear. (...) read more>>


Polish coppers banned from Facebook

31.07.2008 11:12 - Internet and Networking, HiL, Comments |0

Polish coppers have been banished from a social notworking site because they were spending too much time on it. (...) read more>>


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