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Assassin’s Creed 2 now officially confirmed

23.01.2009 22:23 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

Ubisoft took the lid off today on what we had already told you, with the announcement that Assassin’s Creed 2 is now confirmed. They also announced that holiday sales were up 13 percent, but some holiday title releases did not meet the required quality levels. (...) read more>>


45W Athlon X4 quad comes in Q2

31.12.2008 19:47 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

If you are after an AMD quad core that will fit the 45W thermal envelope, we have some good news for you. In early Q2 the company will launch the Athlon X4 605e at 2.5GHz with 2MB cache that will fit the 65W TDP. This CPU is based on Propus, K10.5 without L3 cache and of course in AM3. (...) read more>>


Leo platform is the future of AMD

30.12.2008 21:51 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

Dragon is set to launch at CES 2009 that takes place in Las Vegas Nevada from 8th of January and at this time Phenom II and the rest of the platform will officially launch. At a later date AMD will introduce the AM3 platform and DDR3 memory support for Dragon, and this platform consists of AMD's 790GX/FX chipset and Radeon HD 4800 series cards. (...) read more>>


DirectX11 cards to come in late 2009

22.12.2008 23:15 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

DirectX 11 is the next big thing in graphics. It comes with Windows 7 and the first graphics cards to support it should be available by the end of the 2009. (...) read more>>


Sixth most powerful supercomputer coming to Saudi Arabia

20.10.2008 21:56 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

The new King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) , a science and technology university near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will open next year, and will house one of the world's largest supercomputers. (...) read more>>


Far Cry 2 is DirectX 10.1

17.10.2008 21:14 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

Our sources have just confirmed that Far Cry 2 will be a DirectX 10.1 game. We know that Nvidia has its eye on this game and that it likes it as much as it liked the original Crysis back in October 2007 but they couldn't prevent the developer to put the DirectX 10.1 support. (...) read more>>


Nvidia plans SLI 2

29.09.2008 18:04 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

Nvidia plans to launch a new brand and it will simply call it SLI 2. Like the logic implies SLI 2 will be better than SLI and it will actually mean you will have more than one graphic card rendering your graphic and an additional card to do your PhysX. (...) read more>>


No browser for Yahoo

13.09.2008 13:06 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

Yahoo has ruled out following Google and producing its own browser.Yahoo co-founder, David Filo, said that the outfit was focusing its attention on improving its current products and didn’t have time to think about such things. His ideas include opening up the Yahoo home page, the My Yahoo customized start page, Yahoo Mail, and search to others' applications. (...) read more>>


Future of Age of Empires not in doubt

13.09.2008 13:05 - banns, HiL, Comments |0

The announcement that Microsoft plans to close Ensemble Studios after the development of Halo Wars is complete has been received by many as very sad indeed. It seems that those that are complaining the loudest are those that are die hard Age of Empires players who have been waiting for another addition of the very popular PC title. (...) read more>>


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